8 Proven Ways for Couples to Reconnect When They’re Feeling Disconnected

by Steven Amato

You may think couples retreat to bicker and snip at each other. But rather than drive your relationship into the ground, having regular couple time is actually healthy for you and your partner. In fact, it’s a way that many relationships are solidified as passionate pairs. Here are 8 ways that will help you reconnect with your significant other:

1. Plan a date night—and really plan an amazing date night!

It seems like everyone has a date night these days. It’s not just for newlyweds anymore! And it’s no longer just dinner and a movie. There are now so many ways to spend quality time with your significant other, whether you’re single or married, that the options can be overwhelming. What should you do? Where should you go? Who should plan it? How much money is ok to spend? The world of modern dating can be daunting, but don’t panic! We’ve got your back with this guide on how to plan an amazing date night.

2. Do an activity together outside of the house.

Who needs to go outside, when you can stay inside and play on your phone? You know what they say – there’s no place like home! But staying home all the time has its drawbacks. Sometimes we need a change of scenery. Some days it feels like we’re cooped up in our house too much, and we start feeling restless and antsy. Why not try going out more often? It’ll do us good to get out into the world for a while. Plus, getting some fresh air is always nice! So grab your friends or family members and do something together that requires you to be outdoors: walk around the block, take a bike ride together down by the river, cook dinner at someone’s house with an outdoor grill, or even go camping. Whatever you do, it’ll be just what you need to feel refreshed and recharged.

No matter how much we love being inside our cozy homes, there are some days when it feels just plain wrong to stay indoors – especially if the weather’s nice.

3. Change the location of your dates.

In order to stay close, couples need to find ways to break the monotony.  This is difficult in a world with an abundance of home-related opportunities and a lack of outdoor ones.  Fortunately, there are plenty of options for those who want something different from their usual date night routine. Here are three ideas that will help you shake things up:

1) Do an activity together outside of the house: Sometimes it can be hard to focus on each other when you’re at home because there is so much going on around you. If your typical date nights include watching TV or scrolling through social media, this could be why! Try doing something active outside like biking or walking instead – not only will it keep you from being distracted by the TV, but it will also get your heart pumping and increase feelings of endorphins and overall well-being. Not to mention – this is a great opportunity to create new memories and spend some quality time together!

2) Go on a road trip: Since we’ve already established that staying in can become monotonous, one way to continue having fun together as a couple is by going on a road trip. It’s an unexpected move and traveling does wonders for your mood – especially when you have someone to share it with! Plus the spontaneity of a sudden departure means that you will most likely experience something new and exciting together!

3) Schedule an adventure: While setting aside time to travel can be a great way to break up the monotony of your usual date nights, it’s helpful to create something that will fit into your schedule and help you not lose momentum. Booking an event in advance is a smart way to remind yourself and ensure you take some time to hang out. Try a cooking class, workout session or even a musical production – the options are endless!

5. Indulge yourselves in some face time.

It’s become a cliché that people spend more time on their phones than they do with loved ones.

And while some of this is due to the addictive power of social media, it also has to do with how much we value face-to-face interaction. After all, you can only get so excited about what your friend is doing in his or her vacation photos when there are no accompanying stories or videos. And yet, even though our phones make it easier than ever to connect instantly and keep up with loved ones across the globe, many of us find ourselves feeling lonelier than ever before.

Maybe it’s because looking into someone else’s eyes—even via video chat—shows that person who you really are and what you’re really feeling. Or maybe it has something to do with the robustness of our memories: we remember the moment when we first looked our significant other in the eye, and all the emotions that came with it. Whatever the case, spending time together face-to-face still has greater benefits than spending hours talking on the phone.

4. Have a spa day together.

Create an at-home spa by filling up two large bathtubs with warm water, one that contains Epsom salts and one that has bubbles or other aromatic substances. Add candles, soothing music, nice towels and bathrobes, scented soaps or lotions, cucumbers slices over eyes (to help reduce puffiness), chocolates on pillows (for after the baths). The only thing missing would be someone to massage your back and feet!

5. Have a dance party just for the two of you.

It’s easy to get into a rut and stop doing things with your significant other. You start living separate lives, and you forget what it was like when the two of you first met. That’s why we recommend having a dance party just for the two of you every once in awhile. Not only will it be fun, but it will remind both of you how much fun you used to have together before life got busy. It also provides an opportunity for one person to show off their moves while the other watches and supports them from the sidelines! If that sounds like something that would be good for your relationship, then here are some simple steps on how to make this happen:

Step One: Pick out a song or playlist that you both enjoy!

Step Two: Be prepared that the person who picks the playlist may have to dance first.

Step Three: Follow along with your significant other until they are ready to take a break, then it’s your turn!

Step Four: Keep track of whose turn it is on our  Dance Party Scorecard!

Step Five: Repeat Steps One-Four until the dance party is over! 6. Trust each other completely.

Trust is what keeps a relationship strong and healthy, but it’s hard to muster up that trust in your significant other if you don’t already have it. And the only way to build trust is by having it first. If you want your relationship to grow as a couple, then the two of you need to trust each other completely. That means putting aside any doubts or fears that one person is being unfaithful or won’t be committed over the long-term. It also means sharing your deepest secrets and desires without fear of judgment.

6. Go on a picnic date at your local park.

A picnic date is a great way to get out of the house and explore your local park. It can be a fun activity for you and your kids, or just for adults looking for some time to relax with friends. There are many benefits to going on a picnic date, but the best part is that it’s an inexpensive form of entertainment!

Most parks have plenty of picnic tables and lawn space for setting up a blanket to take a break from walking around. Make sure you pack your basket with lots of healthy snacks for everyone! If you’re spending the day at the park, be sure to bring sunscreen too. The sun can get pretty harsh during summer months, so make sure to protect yourself and your family.

You can find a list of local parks in the city nearest you by searching online, or ask a park ranger while you’re there. Most parks have different activities going on throughout the day, so make sure to check for fun events! For example, one of our local parks has an outdoor gym and different sports games going on every other weekend.

7. Walk hand-in-hand through your neighborhood.

Hand-in-hand is a way to show affection. Walking hand-in-hand with your spouse or partner in a neighborhood can feel like a vacation from the daily grind. You’ll have an excuse to talk, which you may not get at work, and it might lead to other things too! There are many benefits of walking hand-in-hand that go beyond just being close with someone special. In fact, there are many health benefits that come from holding hands while you walk together.

It’s been shown through research that simply holding hands for 30 minutes per day can lower blood pressure and increase feelings of happiness among couples who do this regularly. The key idea here is simple: hold hands when you walk around your neighborhood and you’ll feel happier and healthier.

8. Reminisce together.

Reminiscing is a way to reminisce about the good times, but it’s also a great way to cherish memories that you want to savor forever. Sometimes life gets stressful, and it’s hard to remember what was good about your relationship just a few months ago. If this sounds like something that might be happening in your relationship, then here are some tips for how you can strengthen your relationship once again:

Step One: Pick out an old photo album or scrapbook and revisit some of your favorite pictures together.

Step Two: Share stories and memories with each other as you flip through the pages and find different photos from over the years.

Step Three: If you’re feeling especially nostalgic, then write about your best memories down in a special journal. You can pull this journal out when you need an extra dose of inspiration to keep things going strong in the future.

In conclusion, if you want to strengthen your relationship with your significant other or partner, it’s important that the two of you trust and confide in one another. You can do this by walking hand-in-hand through a neighborhood together at night, reminiscing about some favorite memories from when you first met each other. These simple acts will help foster feelings of affection and admiration for one another while deepening the bond between both partners. By trusting and open up to one another on a physical level too (by holding hands), there are many health benefits such as reducing blood pressure levels which may come along with these simple acts. Don’t forget: building trust is what strengthens relationships!

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