12 Tinder Tips to Get More Matches: How to Increase Your Match Rate in 2021!

by Robert Dixon

Online dating is a difficult thing. There are so many online dating sites, and it can be hard to figure out which one is the right one for you. You might have luck on Tinder, or maybe OkCupid will work better for you. The problem is that online dating sites only show the people who already match with your profile, but they don’t give you a way to find those matches in the first place! That’s where this blog post comes in: we have ten ways that will help increase your tinder matches and make online dating easier overall. In fact, online dating success doesn’t depend on how good-looking you are at all – there are plenty of ugly people who can get hundreds of matches online.

The key to online dating is making yourself look interesting and unique so people want to swipe right on you!

Here are the top 12 tips for using Tinder to its full potential:

Tip 1: Take advantage of online dating features

Online dating sites offer a number of features that can be used to improve your online profile. One that you might not have thought of are “matchers”. If you have an account with Tinder, for example, you can find other online daters who are looking for the same type of match as you are. All online daters should take advantage of these features because it will help them to meet someone more compatible.

Tip 2: Include a professional photo

Tip two is to include a professional photo. Online dating sites like Match.com offer free online dating by having online daters upload photos to their profile. If you’re looking for more online dates, it’s important to pick one or two of your best photos and upload these on your online profile. Big online dating sites like Match.com will only post the first five photos on your online profile so make sure to select the best ones!

Tip 3: Write a catchy bio and include your most significant feature in the first sentence

Tip three is to write a catchy online dating profile bio with your most significant feature in the first sentence. This will help online daters keep their online profile descriptions accurate and concise. It will also catch the attention of potential online dates because they will read something that is interesting to them in their online profile.

Tip 4: Be confident in your online dating photo selection

Tip four is to be confident in your online dating photo selection. Make sure that online daters are happy with the photos they are using because online dating sites use these photos to represent you on their site. You should not trick online daters into thinking that you’re something that you’re not. If online daters do not like your photo, they will be unlikely to contact you online.

Tip 5: Include a group photo (when possible) and mix with different activities

Tip five is to include a group photo (when possible) and mix with different activities. If online daters are looking for someone with the same interests, it’s important to show that you have similar interests online. For online daters who are still single after online dating for awhile, online dating sites also offer online dating events which are great opportunities to meet new people.

Tip 6: Include an intriguing description about what you’re looking for at the end of your online dating profile

Tip six is to include an intriguing online dating profile description about what you’re looking for at the end of your online dating profile. It’s important to state what you’re looking for online because online daters won’t know if the online dating site is the right one for them. Sometimes online daters might like online dating events more than online dating sites. Online daters should list their preferences so that potential online dates can find them online.

Tip 7: Make sure to read your online dating profile before you press “send”

Tip seven is to make sure that online daters read their online dating profile before they press “send”. Online daters should not assume that online profiles will be read online. Online daters should also not assume that online profiles will be read online without spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. Reading online dating profiles for a significant amount of time can increase the number of online dates a person has.

Tip 8: Be honest in your online dating profile

Tip eight is to be honest online. Online daters should not online out the truth online because online daters online chat with online daters online. Truthful online dating profiles have been found to have higher response rates from potential online dates. Past studies have also found that when online daters are being truthful in their online dating profile descriptions, they are more likely to find an online date compatible with them online.

Tip 9: Take a break from online dating every once in awhile

Tip ten is to take a break from online dating every once in awhile. Online daters should give themselves a break from going on the site because after awhile, going on the site becomes tedious and boring. It’s normal to feel bored when going through many profiles that turn out not be compatible with you online.

Tip 11: Don’t waste your time with tinder daters who don’t have similar interests to you

Tip eleven is to not waste time with online daters who don’t have similar interests to you. People are more likely to find their perfect match on an online dating site that has people that have the same interests as they do. For example, if an online daters only likes reading magazines of certain topics, then they should go on a site where there are people with similar interests.

Tip 12: Get feedback from friends and family about your pictures

Tip twelve is to get feedback from friends and family about your pictures. Friends and family members can tell you if they like or dislike what you’re wearing in your picture. Friends and family members might also be able to tell you which pictures are better than others. If friends and family like your picture, then it’s likely that other online daters will too.


In conclusion, it is important to be honest when creating your online dating profile. Online daters should not waste their time by going on a site where people do not have similar interests as them. It’s also important to take a break from the sites in order to avoid boredom and tediousness that comes with going through many profiles that are incompatible with you.

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